Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Step forth and comment


Marketing magazine often receives emails from readers who have keen observations and strong opinions on industry topics, so we've decided to launch a platform where these points-of-view can be aired and shared.

Your Pitch

This new blog, named Your Pitch, is part of a series of initiatives we're launching to get closer to our readers and get a better feel of the pulse of the business -- and in turn help you do better business. It accompanies the previously launched The Pitch blog where the Marketing editorial team waxes lyrical about its experiences.

The Pitch

If you've seen an ad you like or not, heard a comment you'd like to share, have an issue that's been bugging you for a while, or even have a problem you can't seem to solve, email us at

We're trying to set up a system where you can get your own log-in and upload stuff to the blog without going through us but until that gets sorted out, the Marketing team will be your point of contact.

I hereby declare the gate of marketing debate open.

Debbie Cai
Marketing magazine

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